Where do I start?

Rock-Pond Reports is a powerful collection of reports that can deliver almost every piece of INFORMATION you need from your pharmacy dispensing software.  Often, however, the problem is knowing where to start. To get you started, we have developed SOLUTIONS based on the functional areas of your business as an entry point into Rock-Pond Reports to get the most out of OBSIDIAN.  These are a collection of related reports that will help solve a problem, support the needs of a specific job position, or when used together, support a business process.

  1. Click on the SOLUTION page for your pharmacy dispensing software.
  2. Find the SOLUTION that best applies to your business function in the tabs on that page.
  3. After reading the overview, click on Blog Posts for detailed information and tutorials about how you should use these Rock-Pond Reports. In many cases these posts include a QUICK START GUIDE that you can follow to show you some of the most common uses for the reports in the SOLUTION.
  4. To run the reports with your DATA and discover the value for yourself, click the DOWNLOAD VIEW link and import it directly into your Rock-Pond Information Center.
  5. Make sure to check out additional report groups that you might find insightful.
  6. Let us know if you have any questions!



Mediware (HomecareNet and Ascend)