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SOLUTIONS are an entry point into Rock-Pond Reports that give you the INFORMATION needed to get the most out of Rock-Pond Reporting. We provide eight core SOLUTIONS that we are confident will show you the value of our product once integrated into your organization.

  • SOLUTION: Navigate to a SOLUTION in the tabs above that best applies to your business function. These tabs include a brief overview and a resource center for further information.
  • DOWNLOAD VIEW: Views are a collection of related reports that allow you to DIVE In on your own by running the reports.
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Rock-Pond Reporting is a great tool to track operational performance throughout the month and to oversee the day-to-day management of the branch. Operations Managers can use daily reports to keep their hand on the pulse of the business and be proactive, rather than reactive. The Operations Solutions will provide valid analysis on efficiency and productivity, helping to identify areas that need addressed based on the industry you are in!

Home Infusion  

In home infusion companies, the primary focus is ensuring that patients are provided with quality products and services. The Operations for Home Infusion Solution was designed to answer these questions:

  • Is my census accurate?
  • How is our census changing?
  • Who are we servicing?
  • How can we eliminate lost pumps?
  • How is my business trending?
  • Are we meeting our daily, weekly, and monthly financial goals?
  • Where is our business coming from?


Specialty Pharmacy                                       

Although financial aspects of these three industries are similar, the operations of a specialty pharmacy differs from that of a home infusion or HME company. The Operations for Specialty Pharmacy Solution will allow you to:

  • Who are we servicing?
  • How is our census changing?
  • Where is our business coming from?
  • What is our workload for today and upcoming days?
  • How have orders moved from queue to queue and by whom?
  • What prescriptions were dispenses?



The Operations Solution for HME will shed light on operational aspects of your business and give you the tools to:

  • Forecast trends by monitoring new orders that come in and deliveries that go out
  • Avoid denials caused by incomplete authorizations and outstanding CMNs|
  • Monitor the status of equipment from location to maintenance
  • Analyze trends in patients and where they came from

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General Manager

Delivery Tickets


Sales & Marketing

In order to grow your business effectively, you need a solid sales and marketing strategy and a deep understanding of your business.  You should know where your business is coming from, identify your strengths and weaknesses, be able to set your sales team up for success, and actively monitor their success.  The Sales & Marketing Solution was designed to help you do just that. 

DIVE IN and let us show you how you can answer these Tough Questions:

  • What referrals are we receiving?
  • Where is our business coming from?
  • What new orders are my sales reps generating & for what therapies?
  • How is our census changing?
  • Is the business we are receiving profitable?
  • What have been our top referral sources, physicians, payers, and sales reps?
  • How is our revenue trending in the context of the last year?

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The goal of any billing department is to make sure everything is billed as soon as possible without anything falling through the cracks.  Effectively managing all aspects of your billing process can be difficult; however, when given the right tools, the INFORMATION you need to manage the billing cycle, avoid denials, and monitor biller productivity can be accessible at your fingertips. 

The Billing Solution is proven to answer these questions and more:

  • Is my pricing correct?
  • How many unconfirmed tickets do we have & how old are they?
  • What tickets are about to reach the timely filing deadline?
  • What authorizations are about to expire?
  • Are my tickets complete and correct before I file them?
  • What are my billers doing?

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Contract Management

Financial Management

Patient Pay


 Timely Filing

Accounts Receivable

The primary responsibility of the accounts receivable department is to collect the A/R that is due the company.  If every bill was paid when it was received by the payer or patient, there would not be a need for A/R management.  Unfortunately this does not happen.  The A/R Solution gives you the ability to categorize your accounts receivable in many different ways so you can see where the problems are, reduce risk, and prioritize your collection processes.  

Dive into this SOLUTION to answer these questions:

  • How old is my A/R by key business indicators such as payer or collector?
  • What is my DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) by key category?
  • Do we have a problem with Credit Balance Invoices?
  • What A/R is not being worked?
  • How can I create a spreadsheet for Payer Projects?
  • Am I collecting old A/R or current A/R?
  • Why are we writing off A/R and are we doing it in a timely manner?

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Financial Management

Patient Pay

Revenue & Profitability

Increasing revenue and profitability is the number one goal of any company because generating profits is what allows you to stay in business.  Not only is it important to see what was billed, but you need to see where your revenue is coming from, how it is trending, why you aren’t receiving money, and where you are missing opportunities.  The Revenue & Profitability Solution will allow your CFO to report on key financial indicators that drive your business and as a result, your revenue and profitability will increase.

With this Solution, you will answer these questions:

  • Where am I most profitable?
  • Where am I losing money and why?
  • How can I understand our revenue at a deeper level?
  • How is our revenue trending in the context of the last 12 months?
  • Why didn't we collect our money?
  • How much recurring rental, pending revenue, and unbilled revenue do we have?
  • How much revenue is on hold and why?

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Competitive Bidding

Financial Management


Home infusion, specialty pharmacy, and HME providers need to be compliant with state and federal policies, as well as compliant with their accreditation agency, such as URAC, Joint Commission, ACHC, or CHAP. The Compliance Solution is geared toward the Compliance Officer of your organization to report on any accreditation or regulatory requirements needed for the State Pharmacy board or your accreditation agency, and to perform internal audits that will prevent issues down the road.

The Compliance Solution answers these questions:

  • Can we provide the information needed when an accreditation surveyor comes to our company?
  • How can I calculate our Medication Possession Ratio (MPR) for URAC accreditation?
  • What is our Average Time to Fulfillment for first dispensings?
  • What prescriptions were dispensed for a specific time frame so I can report it to our State Board of Pharmacy?
  • What is our active patient census?

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PDC Reporting

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Information Technology

Although the IT department may not use the CPR+ software, they are responsible for the stability of the system and the security and integrity of the data. CPR+ has an extensive, and in some ways cumbersome, user based security set up that is typically maintained by the IT team. IT is also the manager of system change and for the CPR+ system this happens quite often. Although their official schedule calls for 1 major release and one interim release per year, updates come out closer to bi-monthly with fixes and regulatory updates. The IT department is responsible for this change management and in most cases is setting up staging systems to test releases and sometimes training systems for users to use for training after a release goes to production. Dive in and see how Rock-Pond Reporting supports these IT responsibilities.

The IT Solution answers these questions and more:

  • Who has access to each area of the system?
  • How are standard user groups set up?
  • Who has been given an exception to their standard security role?
  • How can I monitor who is logging in to CPR+?
  • What Rock-Pond reports are being run, by whom and using what parameters?

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Inventory & Purchasing

Because inventory is so directly correlated with cash flow, it is truly the foundation of your business.  Effective inventory management is as challenging as it is critical; however, when given access to the right INFORMATION, managing this area of your business is much simpler.   The keys to effectively managing your inventory are to have a good handle on your usage, be able to forecast your needs and plan accordingly, and be resourceful in resolving challenges and taking advantage of opportunities. 

The Inventory & Purchasing Solution will help you effectively manage your inventory by answering these tough questions:

  • What changes have been made to my inventory & by whom?
  • What new items have been added?
  • How much inventory should I keep on hand?
  • What is my current inventory?
  • Why have my quantity levels changed?
  • Keep track of on-hand inventory and monitor changes
  • Manage dispensing more efficiently

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Equipment Management

Inventory Audit